Injury: Permanent colostomy and cognitive impairment

Age of Patient at Injury: 11 months

Result:  $800,000 Settlement

Court: Atlantic County, NJ

Comments:  Our client and his family brought suit for the failure of the hospital where he was delivered and the doctors attending to him to timely recognize and surgically treat a congenital bowel movement problem.  We did not fault the doctors and hospital for not diagnosing the condition prior to birth, however, there were clear signs and symptoms of the problem supported by imaging studies taken during the hospitalization for his birth.  By the time the problem was finally diagnosed, the infant had suffered from sepsis (infection) and shock resulting in brain injury and the need for a permanent colostomy.  The potential for a complete reversal of colostomy was also lost during the extensive and numerous years of surgery required for this child who was 13 years old when the case was ready for trial.