Injury:  Radical Prostatectomy (Prostate removal) and radiation treatment with resulting sexual dysfunction and frequent urinary urge

Age of Patient at Injury: 46 years old

Result: $450,000 Settlement

Court: U.S. District Court for Lehigh County, PA

Comment:  Our client was a veteran treated at the VA clinic by his family physician and his wife.  Despite rising PSA levels (one potential indicator of cancer) and the higher rate of prostate cancer for African-American men, the VA doctor did not recommend additional testing or refer this patient to a Urologist.  Doctors who see too many patients in the course of their practice are not always capable of providing the same level of care to each patient.  Even a simple referral or ordering of a test may be neglected resulting in injury to a patient.  Our experts were broadly critical of the care our client received by the doctor acting on behalf of the U.S. Government.  The credibility of the VA Doctor was in dispute.  The lawsuit was filed under the Federal Tort Claims Liability Act (FTCLA).  Fortunately for our client he is currently alive 4 years after being diagnosed and treated with prostate cancer and will, hopefully, survive his prostate cancer.