Injury:  Death from delay in diagnosis of ovarian cancer

Age of Patient at Injury:  52 years old

Result:  $850,000 Settlement

Court:  U.S. District Court, Philadelphia, PA

Comment:  Our client’s children brought suit for the death of their Mother from the delayed diagnosis of ovarian cancer.  Ovarian cancer is a very treatable form of cancer when diagnosed early through simple laboratory tests, including Pap smears.  Unfortunately the patient received her primary care and gynecologic care at a clinic funded by the U.S. Government which was not acting in accordance with appropriate standards of care.   Despite continued bleeding and abnormal Pap smears, the patient was not referred to a surgeon or oncologist for further treatment.  In fact, her primary care doctor and women’s doctor didn’t even discuss their examinations of her which would have led to a diagnosis.  When she was finally diagnosed, it was too late for this patient to receive any treatment which would cure her of this very curable form of cancer.   She died prior to the filing of our lawsuit.  Suit was brought under the Federal Tort Claims Liability Act (FTCLA) on behalf of the patient and her surviving children.  Our medical experts showed that the malpractice of the doctors was clear enough to force the government to settle this case instead of going to trial.