Injury:  Injured ureter during  obstetric surgery resulting in multiple surgeries to repair, chronic urinary difficulty and urinary tract infection and pain and discomfort

Age of Patient at Injury: 37 years old

Result: $350,000 Settlement

Court: Lancaster County, PA

Comment:  Our client was a young mother who had a c-section with her second child.  During the course of the surgery, her ureter was cut or stiched resulting in injury recognized during the surgery but not fully repaired at that time.  She underwent multiple attempts at repair including robotic surgery and was left with all too common injuries of chronic urinary difficulty, multiple urinary tract infections and pain and discomfort.  Ureteral injury is one of the most serious complications of gynecologic surgery. Less common than injuries to the bladder or rectum, ureteral injuries are far more serious and troublesome and are often associated with significant morbidity, the formation of ureterovaginal fistulas, and the potential loss of kidney function, especially when recognized postoperatively which is the case approximately 70% of the time.  We were pleased that we were able to obtain a relatively quick settlement of this matter to offer our client  who fortunately did not lose her kidney function, some relief from her suffering.