Sources: AARP, The Magazine, Story by Beth Howard; the Leapfrog Group

By Gayle R. Lewis, Esquire:

HospitalHospital malpractice continues to be a major health concern.  The Leapfrog Group is an independent, national not-for-profit organization “founded more than a decade ago by the nation’s leading employers and private healthcare experts.”  According to their website, “The Leapfrog Group Hospital Safety Score program grades hospitals on their overall performance in keeping patients safe from preventable harm and medical errors. The grades are derived from expert analysis of publicly available data using 26 evidence-based, national measures of hospital safety.”

Hospitals are given a Safety Score of A, B, C, D or F, depending upon their performance measures. More than 180,000 deaths from hospital errors resulting in injuries ocurr in US Hospital every year!  Included are so-called “never events” such as bedsores and surgeries on the wrong part of the body as well as hospital acquired infections, medication mix-ups and other errors, some potentially fatal.

New Jersey ranks 15th out of the 51 states with 23 Hospitals scoring an “A” in the state.  This only represents 33% of the state’s total hospitals, however.  Pennsylvania ranks 20th out of the 51 states with only 37 of Hospitals in the state scoring “A”.  This representes only 29% of all Hospitals in Pennsylvania.  In New Jersey, the Cooper and Kennedy Health Systems and Jersey Shore Memorial Hospital come in with C’s while Our Lady of Lourdes brings in a D grade on the survey.  In Philadelphia, the Temple and Thomas Jefferson Health Systems also score C’s.   Temple University Hospital’s score reflects 131 deaths from “serious treatable complications after surgery.”  Lourdes had 156 deaths in the same category.

While the survey organization has a lot of qualifiers to the use of its data, this is another free consumer tool out there to assist patients in determining where or whether they should go to a particular hospital in Philadelphia or New Jersey.

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