Sources: Current Litigation; US Food & Drug Administration

Breast_Cancer_MammogramBreast Cancer can be detected early in many women who undergo routine mammography.  Unfortunately, simply having a mammogram isn’t always a guarantee that you or your doctor will receive your results.  The Lewis Law Firm urges all women who have a mammogram to follow up with their referring doctors.  Under Federal Law in the US, you are supposed to receive a letter from the center performing the mammography within 30 days advising you, in simple terms, of the results.  But does that mean you will?

Mammography is a business and like all businesses, mammography centers aren’t always successful.  We are aware of  no less than 3 mammography centers in Northern New Jersey which went bankrupt in 2009 and 2010 -literally closing their doors with patients still in radiology rooms.

Did you have a breast cancer screening mammogram scheduled and performed at any of the following New Jersey Mammography Centers?

Bergen Open MRI & Diagnostics, located at 1 W. Ridgewood Ave., Paramus, NJ;

Englewood Imaging Center, P.A., located at 177 N. Dean Street, Suite 102, Englewood, NJ; or

Imaging Center of Oradell, LLC, located at 680 Kindremack Road, Oradell, NJ.

Each of these facilities has gone through bankruptcy proceedings.  Their records (YOUR films and reports) may not have been sent to your referring doctor!  What does that mean for you?  It means that you may experience difficulty and or a significant delay in trying to obtain the results of your diagnostic studies.  This can have serious consquences to your health.  If you have breast cancer which is shown on any prior mammography then any delay in the diagnosis of your breast cancer can mean a missed opportunity for treatment and may eliminate or reduce the possibility of a cure.

Facilities performing breast mammography have reporting requirements which are established by Federal Law.  The failure to timely and properly interpret and report the results of a mammogram which reveals breast cancer is not only a violation of Federal Law, it is in our opinion, malpractice.

We are already aware of at least one patient who will likely not survive her breast cancer because these mammography centers did not send her mammogram results to the patient or to her doctors!  The delay in her diagnosis caused her breast cancer to progress from a lesser stage to a metastatic (spread) stage.

If you had a mammogram at any of the above mammography centers, or if you had a prior mammogram for which you never received a report, or if you believe that a mammogram was misread then contact the Lewis Law Firm.  The Lewis Law Firm has a history of representing women who are diagnosed with advanced breast cancer.  If you are in Philadelphia or New Jersey and you or a loved one have been diagnosed with breast cancer contact the Lewis Law firm today for a FREE consultation.