Brain Injury

Brain Injury Lawyers: Every once in a while it is incumbent upon professionals, lawyers in particular, to prove their humanity by recognizing good and worthy people and causes.

Brain Cooling for Strokes?

Source:  BBC Health News -Scotland And you thought all the Scots were good for was Scotch and skirts?  Dr. Malcolm Macleod (of the clan Macleod) is one of several Scottish physicians supporting the idea of cooling the brains of stroke victims --a process which a growing body of research suggests may dramatically improve recovery of [...]

From across the Pond -IQ and infant resuscitation

A little too close to home here, but results of a recent British cohort study suggest that infants who required resuscitation are at increased risk for low IQ scores by 8 years of age. Significantly, the results were said to be similar for those infants with and without encephalopathy. The theory advanced to explain this [...]