Cervical and Ovarian Cancer

FDA Approves New HPV Test

by: Daniel J. DeNoon April 20, 2011 — The FDA has approved Roche's new test for human papillomavirus (HPV), the first one-pass test to specifically identify the two HPV strains that cause 70% of cervical cancers. The sexually transmitted human papillomavirus causes nearly all cervical cancers. Current HPV tests can detect the presence or absence [...]

Increase in rate of Oral HPV Cancer since the 70's?

Source: Medscape Medical News I know what you're thinking.  Yes, HPV (human papillomavirus or genital warts) is a sexually transmitted disease which has been related with a specific cancer.  Evidence appears to be mounting (sorry, I had to) that the incidence of oral HPV cancer has increased since the 70's.  According to statistics in the [...]

Gene test to aid Cancer treatment

Source: BBC Health; The Lancet Oncology It is a fact of chemotherapy (chemical treatment for cancer) that some patients simply don't respond to medications. Or that they stop responding over time.  With more than 45,400 women diagnosed with breast cancer every year, scientists have been furiously trying to decode our genetic patterns for reasons such [...]

Ovarian Cancer is Not Being Diagnosed

Source: British Medical Journal; Cancer Research UK Companion studies support the notion that Ovarian Cancer is problematic for clinicians and patients alike. The British Medical Journal Study (Bristol) reviewed charts of over 200 women diagnosed with cancer finding that symptoms associated with Ovarian Cancer were reported by patients to their doctors 3-6 months before actually [...]