Pancreatic Cancer

Radiation Still Common Treatment for Cancer

Source: MD Becker Partners, Life Science Digest; American Cancer Society An estimated 1.1 million patients were treated with radiation in 2009, representing an increase of 15% from 2007 according to a market research study published by IMV Medical Information Division. The clinical application of radiation therapy in oncology (using high-energy radiation to shrink tumors and [...]

Pancreatic Cancer is Slow to Reveal Itself.

Source: Nature Journal; BBC Health US Scientists at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Johns Hopkins University have suggested that Pancreatic cancer may hide in the body for many years before patients fall ill to their disease, which is fatal 95% of the time. Research hints at earlier opportunities to spot and treat the disease [...]

Gene test to aid Cancer treatment

Source: BBC Health; The Lancet Oncology It is a fact of chemotherapy (chemical treatment for cancer) that some patients simply don't respond to medications. Or that they stop responding over time.  With more than 45,400 women diagnosed with breast cancer every year, scientists have been furiously trying to decode our genetic patterns for reasons such [...]