Prostate Cancer

Coffee good for your prostate? Who knew? Source: Wall Street Journal; National Institutes of Health (NIH). After years of being viewed as a potential health problem, coffee is fighting back and this time it’s kicking your prostate in the…well…

Future Gene Therapy for Prostate Cancer?

Source:  ScienceDaily; R. L. Vinall, J. Q. Chen, N. E. Hubbard, S. S. Sulaimon, M. M. Shen, R. W. DeVere White, A. D. Borowsky. Initiation of prostate cancer in mice by Tp53R270H, 2012 Researchers from University of California Davis, have found that a genetic mutation may play an important role in the development of prostate cancer.   [...]

Men Over Age 50 are being Victimized by Overly Agressive Surgery!

Sources:  Duke Medical School, International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics, Vol. 82, Issue 5, 1 April 2012, p. 781; NCCN Guidelines for Prostate Cancer; National Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence; James Buchanan Brady Institute at Johns Hopkins Memorial Hospital; Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital  Editorial After 30 years of Medical Malpractice Litigation, I have come to recognize that medicine has patterns [...]

Physican Group Advocates Less Testing for Patients.

Sources:  Choosing (An Initiative of the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation) Press Release; NY Times Health Blog Under the "educational initiative" of Choosing Wisely, led by the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation and involving 8 other specialty boards are recommending less routine testing for their patients.  The thought process is that unnecessary [...]

Prostate Cancer -Get the Facts

Sources: US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), Other than skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer Amercian men will face.  1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer.  The American Cancer Society 2012 estimates for prostate cancer in the United States are: 241,740 new cases of prostate cancer will [...]

Re-thinking Chemotherapy.

Source:  Medical News Today; Science journal Chemotherapy used to be a very blunt instrument.  The chemicals used in chemotherapy were originally developed for destruction of human life of the battlefields of World Wars (ie. Mustard gas).  This is once of the reasons why chemotherapy causes injuries to other organs, damaging symptoms such as hair loss, [...]

$450,000 Settlement with U.S. Govt. for Dealyed Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer

Injury:  Radical Prostatectomy (Prostate removal) and radiation treatment with resulting sexual dysfunction and frequent urinary urge Age of Patient at Injury: 46 years old Result: $450,000 Settlement Court: U.S. District Court for Lehigh County, PA Comment:  Our client was a veteran treated at the VA clinic by his family physician and his wife.  Despite rising [...]

New Cancer Drug Extends Life of Patients with Advanced Melanoma

Source: MEDSCAPE; FDA; The FDA recently approved a new cancer drug for patients with advanced stages of melanoma (skin cancer).  Melanoma has proven to be one of the most diffcult cancers to treat effectively.  In a study of patients who had advanced melanoma, those who got an experimental drug lived a median of about 10 months, [...]

Radiation Still Common Treatment for Cancer

Source: MD Becker Partners, Life Science Digest; American Cancer Society An estimated 1.1 million patients were treated with radiation in 2009, representing an increase of 15% from 2007 according to a market research study published by IMV Medical Information Division. The clinical application of radiation therapy in oncology (using high-energy radiation to shrink tumors and [...]

Coffee ~the next wonder drug for Cancer?

Source: Journal of the National Cancer Institute, BBC Health Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed male cancer in the USA, and the country's second biggest cancer killer, after lung cancer. 16 million males worldwide are cancer survivors; 2 million are American. A recent publicized study now suggests that men who drink six or more [...]

Better Testing for Prostate Cancer on the Horizon?

Source: Cancer Research UK; BBC Health News; US National Cancer Institute It is estimated that 217,730 men will be diagnosed with and 32,050 men will die of cancer of the prostate in 2010.  Expressed differently, based on rates from 2005-2007, 16.22% of men (or "1 in 6" men) born today will be diagnosed with cancer [...]