Injury: Severe brain injury from incorrect administration of medication to a 5 year old boy in a Pediatric Hospital

Age of Patient at Inury: 5 years of age

Result: $30 Million Jury Verdict

Court: Philadelphia County, PA

Comments:  Our clients suffered greatly from the incorrect administration and incorrect dosing of medication at a well-known Pediatric Hospital.  The young child at issue has sustained life-altering brain injury from swelling of his brain.  The Defendant doctors and hospital argued that they saved the child’s life and that any medical negligence in his care should be excused.  Unfortunately this is a common defense in medical malpractice cases involving birth and pediatric injury.  The jury trial lasted 3 weeks and the verdict came after another 5 days of deliberation.  Our medical experts were able to demonstrate the clear medication error and the resultant harm to this child and his family.  The jury clearly agreed awarding $30 million with $5 million in past medical costs, $10 million in future medicals, and $15 million in pain and suffering.  This was among the highest medical malpractice awards in Pennsylvania.  We were able to secure the future medical care needs of this child and hopefully we may prevent this tragedy from occurring to another child.