Dear Gayle and staff at Lewis Law Firm-

It’s hard to believe that my baby turns 2 years old in a couple of days, that the hardest unanticipated days are behind us, and life is full of new adventures and challenges now.

We want to thank you for serving as our advocates. Thank you for bringing closure to our case, for forcing those who wronged us to acknowledge and own responsibility for what was done. The physical injury that took place out of negligence was a painful blow, but what hurt emotionally was their intentional disregard for the consequences for which I was suffering.

Thank you for hearing my cries, walking me through the process of legally confronting those who wronged us, enduring my concerns and questions, seeking to thoroughly understand, and advocating relentlessly on my behalf. Thank you for being my strength an voice when I felt weak and vulnerable. Thank you for caring.



Women's Health Malpractice, Ureteral Injury
Dear Gayle-

My wife and I were so devastated after being told for 18 months by a prominent cancer hospital and oncologist that her cancer was cured and if it came back it was slow growing and could be treated. The doctors were very wrong. When it came back and was metastatic cancer all over her body, we were shocked and dismayed. Despite aggressive treatment at new hospitals with superb doctors, my wife had a very painful death after 2 short years.

Some lawyers would not have taken our case. It was complicated, the defendants and hospital were considered among the best in the area but we knew they made mistakes. Gayle agreed and did not care how well-known they were, they made critical errors which toold away years from my wife’s life. The Lewis Law Firm continued through litigation until we received a very substantial award.

No one can bring my wife back, which is heartbreaking, but at least the wrongdoers were held responsible.



Women's Health Malpractice, Physician Malpractice and Hospital Malpractice
Dear Gayle,

Thank you for your kindness and your patience during the difficult time for me and my family following the traumatic death of my husband. From the initial interview in your office you made me feel correct about being concerned about the medical care he received and you were both very supportive in my decision to proceed with an investigation and then a lawsuit.

Throughout my case you were available and responsive to my questions. All of the preparation and work you did I know was very time consuming but very worthwhile to me and my children. I know my husband was watching it all and is happy with our results.

Thank you so much. I can’t tell you how appreciative I am.



Emergency Room Negligence
Dear Ms. Lewis,

Thank you both very much for the recent settlement and positive outcome of our case. You both, and the staff of the Lewis Law Firm, were extremely helpful, courteous and professional with us over the past three and half years of calls, questions and many clarifications. Everyone was always extremely patient, caring, and very responsive to our needs.

We are grateful for all the hard work and attention the Firm provided to our case and also for making us feel confident and comfortable throughout the process. Best of luck and continued success with your company.


J & B

Prostate Cancer
For quite a long time, I had been battling urological problems. I had surgery that I thought was going to solve my problems. However, during the surgery things went wrong. I needed another surgery only three days later to repair the mistake that was made. This additional surgery did not correct the problem and in fact made things worse. I continued to be very ill. My doctor continued to tell me everything was okay and I needed time to heal. This went on for quite a long time (years). I was a young wife and mother and was unable to work or care for my family. My doctor proved no additional support or suggestions. It seemed like the medical staff never gave enough attention to details. I was not getting proper care.

Finally I found another doctor who diagnosed and confirmed that mistakes had been made. By this time, my kidney was damaged to the point where it was no longer functioning properly and needed to be removed. If the previous surgical mistakes had not happened, my kidney would have continued to function. I lost my kidney.

During this time I met Gayle Lewis. I felt it was necessary for the doctor who made the mistakes, and did not continue to strive for a solution, should be held accountable for his actions. Through the process with Gayle, I was amazed by her dedication to make things right. To help me get my life back. We went through three trials and an appeal. At times I was ready to give up. Gayle was never ready to give up. She was not satisfied to let people (doctors) who we give so much of our trust, to not be held accountable for their lack of responsibility. Gayle put in countless hours of research and preparation into our case. She kept us involved at every stop of the way. Her office staff was extremely helpful. We felt like we were one of the family. Calling into the office was always a pleasure. Gayle and her staff made me feel comfortable and confident.

We were victorious! I now have my life back. I am now able to care for my family and children. It sometimes felt like a long journey to make things right, but Gayle’s dedication and motivation make it possible.

K.M. & R.M.

Women's Health Malpractice and Laparoscopic Surgery Malpractice
Dear Gayle:

As you know, I had a baby girl and because of negligence by the hospital I was sent home with Congestive Heart Failure. I am permanently disabled, mentally, physically and emotionally scared for I feel the rest of my life. My children are also suffering because they don’t have the mom they once had, and my daughter will never know the mom that was a big kid herself.

For the first year after having my daughter I tried to get help and no one would help me. Then one day my mom told me she saw you on TV and that I should call. The journey was long and hard, but well worth it. Thanks again for all the help and devotion that you and your staff have given my family and me in our desperate time of need. May God continue to bless you in all that you do forever.


Philadelphia, PA

Women's Health Malpractice, Physician Malpractice and Hospital Malpractice
Dear Gayle:

I lost my only daughter, who was also my oldest child, at the young age of 23. She was also the mother of a 20 month old son at the of time of her death. She suffered from diabetes and was brought to the hospital for hypoglycemia. Though she may have had problems through the years, things were looking hopeful. She was to get a new kidney and pancreas. The specialist told us she would have a new lease on life. Unfortunately, her life was cut short at a major hospital, after coming in through the emergency room. Because I kept close attention to my daughter’s health and what went on, I asked a lot of questions. The doctors were not providing enough information, so I could understand why she went down hill so fast. I tried to understand her condition and things were not adding up. She was pronounced brain dead after suffering a code blue during the first night in the hospital. I wasn’t comfortable with the answers from the doctors, and I trusted my motherly instincts, and decided I needed to know more about why my daughter died so suddenly.

I first consulted with another attorney, who in turn referred me to Gayle. We set up an appointment, and she listened to what I had to say. I felt she believed what I was saying. My daughter having such a tragic end, I needed to have answers. If nothing else, for the doctors and nurses to admit something went wrong. From there, we went step by step through the process. Gayle made sure she followed every step, every page of medical records. Understanding how things were done too vigorously at the hospital, and showing attention was not put where it should have been. Fortunately, the case was won. The doctors and hospital put up a fight, but Gayle is also a fighter…having all the evidence we had.

Through my crying, she supported me along the way and helped me be able to get where I am at this point today. If nothing else, my hat is off to her. She’ll go after whatever it takes to make her point, and help heal our pain. Making sure they pay you and your family for their ill-fated mistake. At that hospital, no one kept an eye on my daughter. They continuously gave her fluid, without making sure of her output. What I have learned is that all of the fluid they gave her went to her brain. In less than 24 hours her brain swelled and this fluid damaged my daughter’s brain stem. No one at the hospital told me this is what they had done. This wasn’t the answer I got from the hospital. I looked at the test results, her x-rays…everything, I just knew something wasn’t right. I finally went to the legal field to find the answers to my questions, and Gayle was able to do that for me.

My grandson, now almost 6 years old appreciates all of Gayle’s help, and I appreciate it. Thank you very much. You helped put closure into a situation that was left open and unanswered. Sometimes that is all you really need, the closure.


Philadelphia, PA

Hospital Malpractice, Physician Malpractice and Emergency Room Malpractice
Dear Gayle:

As you know, I underwent laparoscopic gall bladder surgery on February 26, 2001 with a horrible outcome, which left me permanently disabled, mentally, physically and emotionally scarred. I also suffer from chronic abdominal pain to this day. Clothing is intolerable, and I still have the “pregnancy look”.

For the first two years of my adjusting to my mental and physical pain, you were there to hold my hand, talk me through it and gave me the courage and strength to get through this difficult time. I came to you for assistance in my time of need to seek justice against the physicians who caused me harm. You did not hesitate to come to my aid.

Our journey was long and hard, but the outcome was well worth it. Thanks again for all of your help and devotion. God Bless You!



Physician Malpractice and Laparoscopic Surgery Malpractice
To: Attorney Mrs. G. Lewis

I will get directly to the point, I , A.E. had the great opportunity in meeting you in your office regarding two medical malpractice cases regarding my 10 year-old daughter A.M.E., whom is diagnosed with autism. She is non-verbal, cannot talk at all, and I don’t know if you remember me or not. The reason why I am writing you in reference to you is due to the fact, how do you once again go about seeking a medical malpractice lawyer whom is willing to spend the monies to have my two cases investigated. Also, the major of these attorneys that I have seen advertised on television and in reference to medical malpractice are committing fraud.

When I went to several of these attorneys in person regarding these two medical malpractice cases you never actually see these attorneys that you see on television. You always see a different person. Ms. Lewis, you are the only attorney in Philadelphia practicing law the legal way, you were the only attorney that I’ve seen who was the same as advertised when I met you in person. You was whom you said you were. I also thought that Philadelphia was the City of Brotherly Love. Both me and my daughter were victimized at both these two hospitals here in Philadelphia. I had never anything like this before, or do you happen to know of another attorney that practice in and out of Pennsylvania, the legal way, and any information that you send me will gladly be appreciated.

Best regards,

Philadelphia, PA

Pediatric Malpractice and Hospital Malpractice

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