Injury: Hypoxic brain injury from anesthesia for a 6 year old girl  in a Pediatric Hospital

Age of Patient at Injury: 6 years of age

Result: $7 Million Settlement

Court: Philadelphia County, PA

Comments:  Heart breaking case of injury following anesthesia for a cardiac procedure at a Pediatric Hospital.  The young child sustained life-altering brain injury from oxygen deprivation from approximately 8-11 minutes and is now venitlator dependent and non-commuicative.  The Defendant doctor and hospital denied all liability and defended the care based upon the child’s prior cardiac history, a common defense in medical malpractice cases involving pediatric injury where the child has other congenital conditions -here a heart condition. Given her current state, the young girl has been deprived of the opportunity for future heart transplant, effectively shortening her life. After lengthy discovery, numerous depositions and following a good-faith Medidation with the parties, who will remain confidential according to terms of the agreement, we were able to secure the future medical care needs of this child and hopefully prevent this tragedy from occurring again.