Gayle LewisAs we approach the New Year 2014 the effects of medical malpractice errors continue to be felt with devastating results.  It is estimated that hospitals throughout the United States are responsible for preventable medical errors which cause some 210,000 patient deaths per year.  Preventable medical errors include surgery performed upon the wrong part of the patient, which the Joint Commission (a hospital accreditation organization) cites may be as high as 40 per week.  That’s 40 times in any given week that a patient goes in for one surgery only to have a different and unnecessary surgery performed.

We can continue to blame lawyers for the patients for pointing these things out but since these medical errors cost our country as much as $1 trillion per year, it’s probably time to identify blame the correct people for causing the errors in the first place.

Gayle R. Lewis is committed to being on the side of the patients and their families who are dealing with the unfortunate and catastrophic results of these hospital and physician errors.  If you or your loved one have been injured as a result of a hospital error or a doctor’s mistake, then contact the Lewis Law Firm for a free consultation today at 610-520-7333 or