Injury:  Death of patient from massive heart attack following discharge from ER

Age of Patient at Injury:  38 years old

Result:  $1.2 Million Settlement

Court:  Lehigh County, PA

Comment:  Our client was a husband and father who was tragically mistreated.  His wife and child brought suit against the ER Doctor, the Hospital and the patient’s family doctor for failing to recognize clear signs of an impending heart attack in this 38 year old male patient -complaints of chest pain and progressive shortness of breath.  Many law firms would not have taken this case because of  the reputation of the court for low jury verdicts, but the Lewis Law Firm is different.  We felt very strongly about the malpractice in this case and felt personally for the family.  The emergency room physician decided to discharge this patient within hours of his arrival ignoring that both his EKG blood test results were abnormal.  This decision to not admit a patient to the hospital, even with symptoms, is common in emergency rooms.   Our medical experts were able to demonstrate the clear malpractice by the emergency room doctor and were prepared to testify at trial.  The patient’s devoted Widow requested that this case be settled to spare her children of additional trauma.