Injury:  Permanent nerve damage and disfigurement with multiple reconstruction surgeries

Age of Patient at time of Injury:  18 years old

Result:  $520,000 Settlement at Mediation

Court:  Philadelphia, PA

Comment:  Demonstrating that the Lewis Law Firm will take cases which we feel strongly about on a personal level, our client was an 18 year old student working part-time at a veterinarian hospital and boarding kennel.  The safety conditions for the kennel workers were so limited that it was inevitable that a serious dog bite would occur.  There was no supervision on-site and no security cameras in the basement of the kennel where this brutal dog attack took place.  Our client was attacked over a period of 20 minutes during which her bicep was torn from her arm and she received multiple bite wounds to her arms and legs.  Our veterinary and animal behavior experts argued that the attack could have been shortened or prevented with proper training and safety equipment.  Our client was left traumatized and with permanent nerve damage and disfigurement from this unprovoked attack.  The Defendants argued that her medical care was paid for by workers compensation.  We were able to secure a significant settlement for her pain and suffering and permanent injuries at Mediation to enable her to go on with her life.